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The Perspective Alarm Journal Table has a number of configuration options that can be used to do things like filter on realtime and historical alarm data, and change how the component displays those alarms. This section describes some of the common tasks for the Alarm Journal Table. 

Alarm Journal requires connecting to a database

The Alarm Journal must first be set up with a valid database connection for the Alarm Journal Table to see alarm history from the database.

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Alarm Journal Table - User Interaction

Before you get into the nuts and bolts of how to perform specific tasks outlined on this page, there are a couple things you should know about working with the Alarm Journal Table. The User Interaction page introduces you to the look and feel of the Alarm Journal Table and how to use the basic functionality built in to the table.

Perspective Alarm Journal Table - Configuring Properties in the Designer

The project designer and Ignition administrator have the option to enable or disable properties and setup filtering options in the Property Editor of the Designer based on the project requirements and needs of the client users. This page describes which properties are enabled and which properties have some default filtering options preset. Learn how to configure your own Alarm Journal properties in the Designer on the Configuring Properties in the Designer page.

Perspective Alarm Journal - Filtering

The Perspective Alarm Journal Table component has many built in properties that allow you to filter on various parts of an alarm. Refer to the Perspective Alarm Journal - Filtering page to learn how to use the different built-in filtering options, the search bar to optimized your search results, and the date range feature to view alarm history in the journal table. 

Perspective Alarm Journal - Row Styles

The Perspective Alarm Journal Table colors each row a specific color depending on what type of alarm event it is. It uses different styled rows to differentiate between alarms in different state and priorities. These Row Styles can be completely customized using whatever colors and fonts you want for different events. You can also setup new row styles based on other properties and even add a blinking style drawing an operator's attention to critical alarms!

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