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The Numeric Entry Field is similar to the standard Text Field, except that it is specialized for use with numbers. When the 'enabled' property is set to true, it allows users to alter the value on the component. There are three different modes for how users can edit the value in the component: direct, protected or by clicking an edit button. To change the value, click once in the field for 'direct' mode, double click for 'protected' mode, and click on the Edit icon for the 'button' mode. When done, press enter or leave the field, and the field becomes editable again. When the 'enabled' property is false, the field is not editable even when it receives input focus.


Most Properties have binding options. For more information on Bindings, see Types of Bindings in Perspective.
This section only documents the Props Category of properties. The other Categories are described on the Perspective Component Properties page.

NameDescriptionProperty Type
valueValue as number or numeric string to display.value: numeric
formatThe formatting string to be applied to the input value. Options are currency, number, integer, four decimal precision, percent, scientific, accounting, financial, currency, currency (rounded), duration, abbreviation, or ordinal.value: string dropdown

Determines how users will edit the value in the component. The following modes are available:

DirectRequires no special action to enter edit mode simply click in the field.
ProtectedRequires a double-click or long-press to enter edit mode.

Places an Edit icon next to the Numeric Entry Field. Pressing the button will bring up a popup window, allowing the user to edit the value from the popup, or cancel the edit.

The value in the component may only be edited via the popup.

value: string dropdown
alignAligns the input value right or left.value: boolean

Max and min bounds configuration.

NameDescriptionProperty Type
maximumThe max allowable value.value: numeric
minimumThe min allowable value.value: numeric
invalidStyleSets an invalid style when the min or max values are out of bounds for this component. Modify the invalidStyle using the style properties. Can also set a style class as an invalid style.object
placeholderText to be displayed when value is empty.value: string
tooltipTextMousing over this button will display a tooltip with this text, if present.value: string

Indicates if user should be allowed to alter the value.

If the component is disabled, scripts can still run on the component. For example, if you add a script action to the onClick event, the script will fire when the user clicks on the Numeric Entry Field.

value: boolean

Sets a style for this component. Full menu of style options is available for text, background, margin and padding, border, shape and miscellaneous. You can also specify a style class.


Perspective Component Events

The Perspective Event Types Reference page describes all the possible component event types for Perspective components. Not all component events support each Perspective component. The Component Events and Actions page shows how to configure events and actions on a Perspective component. Component scripting is handled separately and can be accessed from the Component menubar or by right clicking on the component.

Example 1

This example shows the component set to "button" mode, providing a button to click on when entering a new value. 

Example 2

This examples demonstrates the placeholder property, showing a default entry in cases where the value is null. 

Example 3

This example demonstrates the format property, allowing custom formatting to be applied to the value in the component. 


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