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Ignition has a few drivers in the form of modules that allow you to connect to specific types of devices over OPC UA. Each module provides the ability to connect to different types of devices.

Allen Bradley Drivers

The Allen Bradley Driver module and Logix Driver module provides the ability to use any of our Allen Bradley suite of drivers. One of the more popular options, it contains drivers to connect to:

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Modbus Drivers

The Modbus Driver module allow you to connect to a wide range of devices using the Modbus protocol. While this typically means figuring out the Modbus specific addresses for each register, address mapping makes this process simpler by mapping a range of addresses for you.

Siemens Drivers

The Siemens Drivers module allows you to connect to a number of Siemens S7 devices. The available device drivers are:

  • S7-300
  • S7-400
  • S7-1200
  • S7-1500

UDP and TCP Drivers

The UDP and TCP Drivers module are very basic drivers that can connect to one or more ports of a given IP address and read in data. This is typically used for barcode scanners or scales.

DNP3 Driver

The DNP3 Driver module allows you to connect to a DNP3 outstation. Many different types of devices support DNP3.

Omron NJ Driver

The Omron Driver module allows you to connect to the Omron NJ series of devices.

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Omron FINS Driver

Ignition now supports Omron FINS devices. This driver does support both UDP and TCP transport protocols.

Simulator Drivers

There are a number of drivers that do not connect to any device, but instead provide simulated values for testing. These simulators are a part of the Allen Bradley Driver module.

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