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In Gateways with multiple projects, sometimes client access should be limited on a per-user-basis. The most common use-case is when users from one area of a facility should be able to launch clients that are specific to their area, but should not be able to launch clients from other areas. While there are several different ways to approach this, the easiest is to require different roles to log into each project.

Every project in Ignition is going to have a user source associated with it. For Vision you can change the User Source (Authentication profile) for a project as well as assign Required Client Roles within the Project Properties.

  1. In the Designer, click on Project tab on the menu bar at the top of the Designer, then select Project Properties

  2. Use the User Source dropdown list to choose a User Source for this project. The selected User Source will only allow users from that User Source to access the project.
  3. In the Required Client Roles field, enter the roles you want to grant access to this project. The Required Client Roles field will show all matching roles as you start typing. Multiple roles may be specified by separating them with a comma.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

    Changing your security settings will not log users out of an open client, but it will stop them from logging in again.

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Project Security

Login Issues

If a user is experiencing some issues logging into a project, there are a few things that may be causing the problem.

  1. First, make sure the credentials they are using are valid. This is easily done by going to the Gateway Webpage and testing the login.
  2. If the user's credentials were successfully tested against the user source, you can then verify if that user source is the one being used by the project that the user is trying to log in to. (See Above)
  3. If the user's credentials failed, they may have forgotten their password, and it may need to be reset.
  4. Alternately, the user source may not be reachable. Depending on the type of user source, this can happen when there are network problems. For example, a database user source will no longer work if the database connection is faulted.

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