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Digital pens often share the same subplot on the Easy Chart component. When you have multiple digital pens on the same Easy Chart subplot, it's hard to see what the values are of each pen because they may overlap each other. There is a digital offset pen setting that can be set which prevents the values from overlapping and enables them to be seen better in the subplot.

The following example shows two digital pens on the same subplot: State1 and State2.  The values are a little difficult to see because they are on top of each other. 

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Easy Chart - Digital Offset

Adding a Digital Offset

In this example, we will apply a digital offset on the pen renderer so you can see the values better. 

  1. Right click on the Easy Chart component and choose Customizers > Easy Chart Customizer.   
  2. On the Pens tab, select the State1 row pen, and click the Edit  icon.
  3. Set the Style is set to 'Digital'.
  4. Set the Digital Offset to 'true'. Click OK to save the changes to the pen. 

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the State2 pen.
  6. When you're finished editing your pens, click OK to return to the Easy Chart.  You will see a little offset in the values between the State pens in the 2nd subplot so they don’t overlap each other, making it a lot easier for the operator to read the digital values.

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