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Notify Versus Push

When a Client is launched, the most recent version of the project is used. If you make changes to the project and save the changes (by doing a File > Save) while a Client is open, the Client is notified about the updates. The Clients can receive the updates in two different modes: Notify or Push mode.

  • Notify
    This is the default mode to automatically notify operators when project updates are available. In this mode, every time you update a project in the Designer and save the changes, Clients will display an orange information bar at the top of their display. This orange bar notifies the operator that an update is available. By clicking on the notification banner, the new project modifications are downloaded and applied.

  • Push
    When you save your changes in the Designer, this mode automatically pushes all project changes and updates to all running clients with no operator interaction, that is, the new version is downloaded and applied automatically. This is often desirable when a Client is running in a situation where keyword and mouse access is inconvenient, such as in a large overhead display.

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About Client Updates

This property (and many other project properties) are only read when a client is launched. When you change from Notify to Push Mode, client updates will not get pushed when you save, clients need to be re-launched to start using the Push Update Mode.

Setting Client Update Modes

This example shows how to change the Client Update Mode.

  1. In the Project Browser of the Designer, select Project > Properties from the top menubar. The Project Properties window will open. 

  2. Under the Vision folder, select General, set either Notify or Push as your Client Update Mode. The default is set to Notify.

  3. Click OK.

Now, in the Client (with Update Mode set to Notify), the operator will have to click the banner to update the Client. 

Then the operator clicks Update on the confirmation message.  

Now the client version is updated with the most recent version of the application. 

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