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This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Returns the current time. The host computer's system clock is used, meaning that if this expression is being evaluated in a running client, the computer running the client's system clock is used. Note that this function is one of the few expression functions that will poll. If you do not specify a pollRate, it will default to 1,000ms. If you do not want this function to poll, use a poll rate of zero.



  • Parameters

int pollRate - Optional. The poll rate in milliseconds to update the time at. Default is 1000 ms.

  • Results

Date - The current time.

Code Snippet
now() //returns the current time, updates every second.
Code Snippet
dateFormat(now(0), "MMM d, h:mm a") //returns a string representing the current time, formatted like "Feb 12, 9:54 AM". Does not update
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