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The following feature is new in Ignition version 7.9.2
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This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Takes a JSON friendly string, a path string, and value, and will return a new JSON friendly string with the provided path set to the provided value. This is best used in conjunction with the Derived Tags writeback value.


 jsonSet(json, path, value)

  • Parameters

string json - The JSON string. The string must be in a JSON friendly format.

//The json parameter must be wrapped in {}, and contain a colon between the key and the value.
//Since the parameter passed is a string datatype, the whole parameter must be wrapped in quotes.
//You may optionally wrap strings in quotation marks.

//You may also nest objects inside of the value, much like you can do with Python dictionaries.
"{keyCollection1:{firstKey:value1, secondKey:value2}, keyCollection2:{firstKey:value1, secondKey:value2}}"

string path - The path string.

object value - The replacement for the value at the path.

  • Results

string - A JSON friendly string with a new value set at the specified path.

Code Snippet
// This example takes a JSON friendly string and sets the provided path to the given value. This would then return the string {'item':{'firstThing':1, 'secondThing':5}}

jsonSet("{'item':{'firstThing':1, 'secondThing':2}}", "item.secondThing", 5)
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