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This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Returns the given value, but overwrites the quality of that value. See the quality codes for a list of potential quality codes. If the quality argument is omitted, the quality will be GOOD (192). This is a way to have expressions opt-out of the quality overlay system. You can also force a specific quality code here by including the quality argument.


forceQuality(value[, qualityCode])

  • Parameters

object value - The value to force a quality on.

int qualityCode - Optional. The qualityCode to force on the value.

  • Results

object - The value with a forced quality.

Code Snippet
forceQuality({Tanks/Tank15})   //returns the value of the Tank15 tag, but always with a good quality code.
Code Snippet
forceQuality({Tanks/Tank15}, 410) //returns the value of the Tank15 tag, but always with a TAG_DISABLED quality.
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