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Moving a License

Transferring a license involves moving it from one Gateway to another. The Transfer process is simple: unactivate the currently licensed Gateway, and activate the other Gateway.

Transferring Licenses

Lets say you have two different copies of Ignition. The first copy is licensed, and has an IP address of The second copy is unlicensed and has an IP address of

The example below will demonstrate how to transfer the license from the Gateway to the Gateway. This guide assumes both Gateways have internet access. In situations where either or both Gateways are secluded from the Internet, offline unactivation and activation may be used instead. 

On the Licensed Gateway (

  1. Navigate to the Gateway. Open a web browser and type in the address of the licensed Gateway:
  2. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway webpage.
  3. Select System > Licensing
  4. On the Licensing page, look for your current license CD-Key, and write down the CD-Key. You will need to enter this CD-Key to activate the new Ignition.
  5. Click on the Unactivate License icon .
  6. A page will appear, asking you to confirm the unactivate request. Click Yes, Unactivate to remove the activation from this copy of Ignition. This may take a minute depending on your internet connection. Once finished, the Licensing page will reappear, but the license will have been removed.

On the Other Gateway (

  1. Navigate to the second Gateway:
  2. Select System > Licensing. On the Licensing page you can see that under Current License there is No license installed.
  3. Under Activate a License, and click on Activate Online. A new page will appear asking if you to enter your license key. 
  4. Click on Activate. This may take a minute depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  5. Once finished, the Licensing page will appear, and the license will be active. Click on the plus icon   to the left of your license CD-Key or the View Modules tab to verify your activated modules. 

You have now transferred the CD-Key from one Gateway to another. 


Transferring a License






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