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Tag Access Rights

Tag security is often the best way to configure security for data access. By defining security on a Tag, you affect the Tag across all windows in all projects, as opposed to configuring component security on each component that displays or controls that Tag.

If a user opens a window in the Client that has components that are bound to a Tag that the user doesn't have clearance to read or write to, the component will get a forbidden overlay.

See also: Quality OverlaysPermission Properties

To Set the Access Rights to a Tag

You can add read/write security to individual Tags or multiple Tags in the Designer. In order to change permissions on a Tag, you have to make changes in two places. 1) Set the Access Rights property to Custom. 2) Add Role(s) to the Permissions page.

  1. In the Tag Browser, edit a Tag by double-clicking on the Tag.
  2. In the General tab, from the Access Rights drop-down, select Custom.

  3. Select the Permissions tab on the left side, and from the Add a Role drop-down select a role. Click the Add button.
  4. Change each role's Access rights by selecting the Read Only or Read/Write option. If a user does not have any of the listed roles, they will be denied both read and write permissions.

  5. Click OKNow the user has the Read/Write permission to interact with the Tag.


Tag Security


Tag Access Rights with Security Zones

Tag permissions can also include Security Zones. Security Zones allow you to not only limit Tags by a user's role, but also by area. They are setup in the same way as setting the Access Rights just for a user, except a zone must also be specified. It does require that Security Zones be configured, and a few Gateways connected in a Gateway Network. Leaving the Security Zone empty will assume the access permission is for all zones.


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