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The Pencil shape component lets you draw free-hand path segments that automatically smooth the curves. Using a Pencil shape can emphasize an area or an item on a report. Select the Pencil shape on the Report Design Palette to make it active, and draw a free-hand path anywhere in the Report Designer. If you stop drawing inside the small square that is placed at the shape's origin, then you will create a closed path, otherwise, you'll create an open path (line). Once a path is created, you can use the handles to change its width and height. You can also change its stroke style, color, and more.

Property InspectorPropertyDescriptionCategory

FillIf true, the shape will fill its space with color.Stroke and Fill
Fill ColorIf Fill is selected, the color that will fill the shape.Stroke and Fill
OpacityHow opaque the fill color is, between 0 and 1.Stroke and Fill
Stroke StyleWhat style of stroke or border to use: Hidden; Shape Outline; Border; Double. To learn more about stroke styles, refer to Stroke and Fill Properties .Stroke and Fill

Details for the chosen stroke . Each Stroke has its own properties depending on the Stroke Style chosen.

Stroke and Fill
RollNumber of degrees this shape is rotated clockwise.Basic Properties
Scale XAmount to scale the width of this shape. 1 is scale to 100%.Basic Properties
Scale YAmount to scale the height of this shape. 1 is scale to 100%.Basic Properties
VisibleIf true, the shape will be visible.Basic Properties

Width of this shape in pixels.

Basic Properties
HeightHeight of this shape in pixels.Basic Properties
XHorizontal distance in pixels between the left edge of this shape and the left edge of the page.Basic Properties
YVertical distance in pixels between the upper edge of this shape and the top edge of the page.Basic Properties


Stroke StyleShape Outline
Stroke ColorRed
Stroke Width3 pixels

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