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This section contains information on topics that don't clearly fall into any of the other sections. While not common tasks, these pages contain topics and concepts that deserve further explanation. The contents of this section is typically more advanced than the Common Scripting Tasks section, and assumes you are fairly comfortable with scripting in Ignition.

Adding a Delay to a Script

In some cases, being able to halt execution of a script can be helpful while waiting for some other event to occur.  Adding a Delay to a Script  page details some common approaches, as well as approaches to avoid.

Export Tag Historian to CSV

The Tag Historian Data can be great, but it's sometimes difficult to view it outside of Ignition. The Export Tag Historian to CSV page details how to pull out a subset of Tag history data and export it to a CSV file.

Parsing XML with the Etree Library

XML files are a great way to share information between two systems, but parsing them can seem like a daunting task. Parsing XML with the Etree Library shows how to use Python's Etree Library to read through an XML document. 

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