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Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Designer

You can interact with screens and more by using some of the popular keyboard shortcuts in the Designer.


To...Use these Keyboard Shortcuts

Moves selected component(s) in the direction of the arrow key by the default nudge distance.

Same as Nudge, but uses the “alt-nudge” distance.

Resize Right
Moves the right edge of the component left or right. Add Alt to use the alt-nudge distance.

Resize Bottom
Moves the bottom edge of the component to top or bottom.

Resize Left
Moves the left edge of the component left or right.

Resize Top
Moves the top edge of the component to top or bottom.

Move Forward/Move Backward
Moves selected component(s) in the Z-order.

Move to Front/Move to Back
Moves selected component(s) to Front or Back.

Copies the component when holding Ctrl while doing a mousemove.

Restricts to only moving straight up, down, left, or right when holding Shift while doing a mousemove.

Drags the current selection when holding Alt while dragging.

Combines copy move with axis move.

Proportional Resize
Resizes a component while maintaining its aspect ratio.

On-Center Resize
Resizes the selection using the center as the anchor point.

Select All
Selects all components that are siblings of the selected component.

Select Same Type
Selects all components that are siblings of the selected component and the same component type.

Select Same Type in Window
Selects all components in a window that are the same type as the selected component.

Opens Layout Constraints to let you specify layout for the component(s).

Size & Position
Opens Size & Position to let you specify exact size and position for selected component or window.

Opens Custom Properties to let you configure complex component properties.

Customizer 2
Opens the second Customizer if available.

Opens Component Scripting to let you configure actions for component or window.

Opens Security Settings to let you set security for Component(s) or window.

Script Modules
Opens Script Module Editor for reusable Jython functions.

Saves the project.

Opens the Open/Create Project to let you select a different project.

Undoes the last action.

Gets rid of the last undo action.

Copies selected component(s) or window.

Duplicates selected component(s) or window.

Cuts selected component(s) or window.

Pastes selected component(s) or window in clipboard. Pasted component(s) wait for position before pasting.

Immediately Paste
Places pasted component(s) at the same location where they were copied/cut.

Comment/Uncomment Lines of Code
Quickly comment or uncomment lines of a script or query in Designer.

Cancels a pending paste operation, deselects the current row of a table, cancels dragging components onto window.

Opens Find/Replace to let you Search and replace the project based on string, pattern, or regex.

Deletes the current selection.

Snap to Grid
Toggles whether or not moving and resizing components snaps to the grid.

Snap to Guides
Toggles whether or not moving and resizing components snaps to guides.

Opens the Output Console.

Launches the Ignition User Manual in a web browser.

Preview Mode
Toggles preview/design mode.

Renames the selected item (tag, window, transaction group, component, and so on).

Launch Staging Project
Launches the staging client from the Designer.

Launch Published Project
Launches published client from the Designer.

Update Project
Updates project to server. Receives concurrent edits from other Designers.

Zooms in/out in the Designer.

Lasso Select
Draws a lasso and every component in the path will be selected.

Select Through
Click on a component that is beneath another component. You can do this multiple times if there are several layers of components.

Code Folding/Unfolding
Select a line of code, and this command will collapse the selection. Press again while the folded code is selected, and the code will unfold.
The Script Console has a separate command for code folding.


Using the Popular Keyboard Shortcuts





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