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This method returns a dictionary that provides access to the legacy global namespace. As of version 7.7.0, most new scripts use the modern style of scoping, which makes the 'global' keyword act very differently. Most importantly, the modern scoping rules mean that variables declared as 'global' are only global within that one module. The system.util.getGlobals() method can be used to interact with older scripts that used the old meaning of the 'global' keyword.



  • Parameters


  • Returns

PyStringMap - The global namespace, as a dictionary.

  • Scope


Code Examples
Code Snippet
# Read and print out global variable 'foo'
print system.util.getGlobals()['foo']

Code Snippet
 # Write value 'hello' to global variable 'foo'
system.util.getGlobals()['foo'] = 'hello' 
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