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Returns an array of tags from a specific folder. The function supports filtering and recursion. Leave filters blank to return all tags.

Note: This function cannot browse Client tags.


system.tag.browseTags(parentPath, tagPath, tagType, dataType, udtParentType, recursive, sort)

  • Parameters

String parentPath - The parent folder path. Leave blank for the root folder. Note: you can specify the tag provider name in square brackets at the beginning of the parentPath string. Example: "[myTagProvider]MyTagsFolder". If the tag provider name is left off then the project default provider will be used.

String tagPath - Filters on a tag path. Use * as a wildcard for any number of characters and a ? for a single character.

String tagType - The type of tag to create. Possible values are OPC, MEMORY, EXPRESSION, QUERY, FOLDER, and UDT_INST.

String dataType - The data type of the tag. Not used for UDT instances or folders. Possible values are Int1, Int2, Int4, Int8, Float4, Float8, Boolean, String, and DateTime.

String udtParentType - The name of the parent UDT.

boolean recursive - Recursively search for tags inside of folders.

String sort - Sets the sort order, possible values are ASC and DESC. Sorting is done on the full path of the tag.

  • Returns

BrowseTag[] - An array of BrowseTag. BrowseTag has the following variables: name, path, fullPath, type, dataType, and the following functions: isFolder(), isUDT(), isOPC(), isMemory(), isExpression(), isQuery().

  • Scope


If called in the gateway scope, a tag provider must be specified.

Code Examples
Code Snippet
#Example 1: Browse all tags in a specific folder
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="")
for tag in tags:
    print, tag.path, tag.fullPath, tag.isFolder(), tag.isUDT(), 
 print tag.isOPC(), tag.isMemory(), tag.isExpression(), tag.isQuery(), 
 print tag.isDB(), tag.type, tag.dataType
Code Snippet
#Example 2: Browse tags of a the same data type
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", dataType="Int2")
Code Snippet
#Example 3: Browse tags of a the same UDT parent type
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", udtParentType="Motor") 
Code Snippet
#Example 4: Browse tags of a the same type
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", tagType="OPC")
Code Snippet
#Example 5: Browse tags using a tag path filter
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", tagPath="*Folder1") 
Code Snippet
#Example 6: Recursively browse tags
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", recursive=True)
Code Snippet
#Example 7: Sort tag in DESC order
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="", sort="DESC") 
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  1. Anonymous

    Can you please give an example of determining if a tag path is a folder or a UDT?