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Clients can be launched with Java Web Start in Full Screen mode from the Gateway Webpage or the Designer. Full Screen mode creates a Client that takes up the entire monitor including the Windows Taskbar. Settings and programs other than Ignition are required to block the user from getting to their desktop.

To launch a Client in Full Screen mode

  1. Go to the Gateway Home page.
  2. From dropdown of the Launch button, select the Full Screen mode to launch the project you wish to open in the Client.
  3. Click Keep on the small dialog box that appears on the bottom-left of your window, then click on the .jnlp file to start the Client.
    The login screen for the Client is displayed covering the full size of your screen. In the Full Screen mode, you can not make the screen smaller as you could do with the Windowed mode.

  4. Type in the Username and Password to see your project.
    Your project is now displayed in the Client.


Using the Full Screen Option






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