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The TCP driver allows Ignition to communicate to barcode scanners, scales, and more. They are strictly passive listeners and are configured to connect to one or more ports on a given IP address and any ASCII characters that are brought in as tags. For step-by-step instructions to connect to a TCP Driver, see Connecting to TCP Device.

UDP and TCP Drivers

The UDP and TCP drivers are strictly passive listeners. These drivers are configured to connect and listen to one or more ports on a given IP address. Rules are configured that dictate how the incoming data is interpreted.

Structure in the Address Space

A device using the UDP or TCP driver appears in the Devices folder of the OPC-UA server with the name it was configured to use. Browsing the device will yield one folder per port configured to listen on. Browsing the port folder will yield 1 variable node containing the entire message received as well as an additional variable node per field configured. A device configured with a field count of 4 would have 5 nodes total -1 for the message and 4 for the fields.



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