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The metadata properties provide informational properties for a Tag. The values of these fields can be read and modified through scripting, or bound to properties such as Format, Engineering Units, Engineering Low, Engineering High, Engineering Limits, Tooltip, and Documentation. 



Name Description

Format StringFormatString How the value should be formatted when converted to a string (only applies to numerical data types).
Eng UnitEngUnit The engineering units of the value.
Engineering Limits LowEngLow The lowest expected value of the tag.
Engineering Limits HighEngHigh The highest expected value of the tag.
Engineering LimitEnforcementEngLimitMode Dictates how the engineering range should be enforced on the tag. If not "none", the tag will change to bad quality ("limit exceeded"), when the value exceeds the specified range.
Tooltip Tooltip The tooltip provides a hint to visual components as to what should be displayed when the user hovers their mouse cursor over the component that is being driven by the value of this tag.
Documentation Documentation A freeform text property for information about the tag.


Tag Metadata Properties








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