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The SMS Notification module adds the ability to send alarm notifications via SMS. The SMS messages are sent through a cellular modem, which must be purchased separately and configured with a SIM card belonging to an active cellular account. If SMS alarm notification is enabled, recipients of these messages can reply with a special code in order to acknowledge the alarm.

Note: The Alarm Notification module is required for the SMS Notification module to work.

Alarm Notification Module Compatibility

The SMS Notification Module is fully compatiblewith the Alarm Notification Module, so all pre-existing on-call rosters and pipelines will work with SMS notification.

Two-Way Acknowledgement

The SMS Notification Module can be configured to allow users to acknowledge alarms by simply responding to the message. With the Two-Way property enabled, the notification is sent out with a response code in the message. The user simply replies with the response code and the alarm will be acknowledged. 

Audit Log Integration

The SMS Notification module can be configured to log successful message delivery and user acknowledgement into any connected database. Once recorded, a simply query will return all notification activity.

Product Data Sheet

To see the Product Data Sheet,

click on Alarm Notification Modules.





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