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Welcome to Ignition Reporting!

Ignition Reporting is a module for creating dynamic reports! These reports may be generated from existing Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files or created totally from scratch. Data is introduced through Ignition, providing access to any SQL database!

Ignition Reporting makes creating professional reports easy with a rich library including: images, graphs, tables, and a variety of basic shape tools.  The new Report Scheduler allows automatic report generation at any time you'd like, and automated distribution means it gets where you need it without lifting a finger.  Access to live reports available through the web based Ignition runtime, a Java application, providing authenticated users access from anywhere, all based on networking standards that your IT department can support.  Reports are printer friendly and can easily be exported to a variety of formats including pdf! Here are some common uses of dynamic reports:


  • Production Management
  • Efficiency Monitoring
  • Downtime Tracking
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Management
  • Historical Data Analysis


Ignition Reporting enables managers to increase productivity, decrease waste, reduce costs, and increase quality with existing resources by providing a view of their manufacturing process. Managers often save time by automating reporting processes that were once done by hand. Often valuable man hours that went into creating spreadsheets or reports can be recovered! These reports are trivial to manage since they are generated on the fly from existing SQL database data.



                Complete Reports on Existing PDFs

New in Ignition 7.8, with Reporting Module v3!
  • The Schedule Engine allows you to schedule when reports run, and what to do with the report when it's complete.  Email, FTP, Save as File, use in a Script!  
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) designer that includes an intuitive layout and drawing tools
  • New Charting components are easier to configure!
  • Barcodes now have 2D encoders for things like QR codes, Data Matrix and PDF417!



The most noteworthy feature of the Reporting Module is the fact that is integrated into the Ignition system. This provides access to Ignition data including any SQL database, allows as many concurrent clients as the hardware can handle, and shares authentication with your existing Ignition project all through simple but secure web-based access.

Other features:

  • Powerful table tool that creates new pages to fit your data. It supports a wide range of features.
  • Crosstab tool lets you quickly create cross-reference tables to visualize and identify relationships in your data.
  • Reports are printer friendly.
  • Every report can be saved by the user in a variety of formats including pdf.
  • The Reporting Module includes the Row Selector and Column Selector components. Both are very useful when working with DataSets. They work especially well with Ignition graph and table components as well as the Report Viewer.
  • The Reporting Module includes the  File Explorer and PDF File Viewer  components. These are very useful for viewing machine maintenance manuals or any other PDFs from within your project.




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