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The Script data source allows you to add additional data into a report. Script data sources are able to reference data keys from other data sources. This allows you to modify keys from one data source, and return a new altered data source. 



Say we have a query data source named "Area Data" which contains four columns: month, north_area, south_area, and t_stamp. If we need to build a new data source without the t_stamp column we can use the following code:


Script data source
	#build a header and initialize a pydataset
	header = ['month', 'north_area', 'south_area']
	filteredDataset = []
	#get the results from the Area Data data source
	rawDataset = data['Area Data'].getCoreResults()
	#build the new pydataset out of only some of the Area Data's data keys
	for row in range(rawDataset.rowCount):
		valCategory = rawDataset.getValueAt(row,'month')
		valNorthArea = rawDataset.getValueAt(row,'north_area')
		valSouthArea = rawDataset.getValueAt(row,'south_area')
	#convert the pydataset to a standard dataset
	filteredDataset = system.dataset.toDataSet(header, filteredDataset)
	#create a new data source with the filtered results
	data['updated Area Data'] = filteredDataset


The above code would create a new data source in the Design panel named 'updated Area Data'. Note that .getCoreResults() is only applicable when the raw data source is a query. If 'Area Data' in the example above was a static CSV then you could get the data into a 'new data source' with the following:


Static CSV example
data['new data source'] = data['Area Data']


What if our 'Area Data' query has a nested query called 'Area Details' that we would like to manipulate in a script?

Script data source for nested query
nested = data['Area Data'].getNestedQueryResults()    # Gets results from our parent query
subQuery = nested['Area Details']    #Gets the subquery we want -- there can be more than one
header = ['productName', 'cost', 'triple']
alteredDataset = []
for child in subQuery:
    children = child.getCoreResults()    # children is a dataset
    for row in range(children.rowCount):
        valProductName = children.getValueAt(row,'productName')
        valCost = children.getValueAt(row,'cost')
        valTimesThree =  None
        if valCost != None:
            valTimesThree = 3 * valCost
#convert the pydataset to a standard dataset
alteredDataset = system.dataset.toDataSet(header, alteredDataset)
#create a new data source with the altered results
data['Updated Area Details'] = alteredDataset




Data Sources - Scripting





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