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Before we show you how to connect to a ControlLogix through a ControlLogix Gateway using ENBT, you need to understand what a connection path is and how to build one, see the Connection Paths , Follow the Path, and Building the Connection Paths Entries sections. 

Here is an example, as pictured below, that has a connection path of 1,3,2,,1,0 going from PLC 1 to PLC 2. The following table shows the walk-through for these numbers:



Connection Path

Walk-through from PLC 1 to PLC 2

1Move out of ENBT Module to the backplane
3Move to ENBT Module in Slot 3
2Move out Ethernet Port in EBNT Module at IP Address
1Move out of EBNT to the backplane
0Move to the Processor in Slot 0



An ENBT Example





To connect to a ControlLogix through a ControlLogix Gateway using ENBT

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway webpage.
  2. Scroll down and select OPC-UA > Devices.
  3. On the Devices page, find the orange arrow and click on Create new Device.
  4. On the Add Device Step 1: Choose Type page, select Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, and click Next.
  5. On the New Device page, leave all the default values and type in the following fields:
    Name: ControlLogix
    Hostname: type the IP address for the PLC, for example
    Connection Path: 1,2,2,,1,0 (1 means going to ControlLogix and going to the back plane in PLC#1, 2 is the slot number of the EBNT module to move to in this example, 2 is the exit port of the ControlNet module, is the IP address of entry point to the ControlNet module in PLC#2)
  6. Click Create New Device.
    The Devices page is displayed showing the ControlLogix device is added to Ignition. The Status will show as Disconnected and then Connected.
  7. To see all the tags, go to OPC Connections > Quick Client in the Configure section, on the OPC Quick Client page expand the ControlLogix folder and in the Global folder you can see all the tags.



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