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The Alarm Notification module adds the ability to send out email notification messages when alarms become active, cleared, or shelved. This module includes several features.

Notification Pipelines

Alarm notification pipelines are logic diagrams that control how alarm notifications are sent out, including who they are sent to and when. They can be used to achieve many advanced alarming scenarios, such as delays, escalation, and parallel delivery. They are designed using a drag-and-drop designing interface through the Ignition Designer.

On-call Roster  

An on-call roster (or simply 'roster') is a group of users that will receive the alarm notification. The Alarm Notification Module allows you to configure multiple rosters so only the users you want to receive the notifications will be notified. Rosters are created on the Gateway webpage, but can be modified from a Client with the Roster Management component. 

User Schedule Integration 

The Alarm Notification Module takes User Schedules  into account. Users on a roster that are considered active will be notified, while inactive users will be skipped. This way you do not have to change your roster every time a user starts or ends their shift.

Two-Way Acknowledgement

The Alarm Notification Module includes the ability to send alarm notifications via email. Users who receive these emails are also able to acknowledge the alarm by visiting a link contained in the email.

Product Data Sheet

To see the Product Data Sheet,

click on Alarm Notification Modules.





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