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Before you do the following steps...

Make sure you have received a CD-Key from Inductive Automation.

To activate your license manually, that is offline, not over internet

When you do not have internet connection, you can do the following steps to activate your license manually:

  1. Go to the Gateway webpage and login to the Configure section.

  2. From the menu on the left, select System > Licensing

  3. Look for the orange arrow and click on the Purchase or activate this Ignition Gateway link.
    The Purchase or Activate? page is displayed.

  4. Click on Activate.

  5. Enter your CD-Key and click Activate

    When you don't have an Internet connection, the Offline Activation page is displayed describing how you can activate manually.
    In the offline activation process, an activation request file, called activation_request.txt, is generated and downloaded.

  6. Take the activation_request.txt file to a machine with Internet access and either go to the Support area on our website to activate there or email it to Either way when activation is done, a license file called license.ipl is generated.
  7. Take the license.ipl file back to the Gateway machine to enter it into the Licensing and Activation page and click the Activate button.


Activating Manually

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