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Mobile Clients require the Mobile module. Mobile Clients are headless Clients launched behind the scenes on the server and the Client is shown on the mobile device using its web browser instead of a native App. HTML 5 allows users to interact with the browser as if it was a normal Client.

See also: Mobile Module

To launch the Mobile Client

  1. Go to the Gateway Home page.
  2. In the Mobile Launch section, click on http://ipaddress:8088/main/system/mobile.
    The Client launches on your mobile device.
  3. Choose the project you want to open, then login with your username and password.
    The Project is displayed. If there is only one project in the mobile project list, the list will be skipped and you will be sent directly to the login screen.
  4. To check how many Clients are launched, go to the Status page of the Gateway and see the Clients box which shows how many are open.


About Mobile



Launch Mobile Client without viewing the mobile project selection page

It is possible to bypass the mobile project selection page by adding the project name to the URL: http://ipaddress:8088/main/system/mobile?project=projectName


Mobile Module Tags

Using the Mobile Module adds additional (client scoped) tags to the System Tags folder under System -> Mobile. This adds Remote Address and User Agent values. If location is enabled in the mobile browser, the Location tags will show Latitude, Longitude, etc.



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