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Welcome to Ignition by Inductive Automation, a true Industrial Application Platform. It is the next generation of accessible, scalable, and data-centric HMI/SCADA software. Ignition was designed from the ground up to be approachable and easy to get started with, but highly flexible and capable of scaling up to the largest projects.

In this manual, you will find reference information along with step-by-step instructions. The final goal of the content and information provided here is to help you gain understanding in regards to Ignition concepts and accomplish tasks within Ignition so that you can be productive and effective while working on your own projects.

The table of content is organized so you can easily find answers to your questions on all the Ignition features, modules, and scripting functions. The Feature section is closely tied with the Inductive University so you can have conceptual understanding from this manual and a visual fast walk-through of the feature in the videos. The Modules section provides information relating to each Module. And finally, in the Appendix, you can easily search to find the specific function you are looking for.

Some of the things you will learn in this manual are: how to install the software, connect to PLCs and databases, create your own projects, create tags, launch clients, set alarms, and generate reports.

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Answers to your Technical Questions

Online Help

You can access this Online Help from the Ignition Gateway and the Designer. To access online Help from the Gateway Webpage, log into the Configure section and select System > User Manual. To access it from the Designer, click the F1 key or select Help > Help from the menubar.


Steve Hechtman's Blog, Inductive Automation President

Travis Cox's Blog, Inductive Automation Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive University

Inductive University, offered by Inductive Automation® SCADA software, is a free online learning platform designed to help you master Ignition. You can watch over 500 training videos, test your knowledge, and participate in our new credential program.

Note the main section of this User Manual is organized in a way to match the Courses in the Inductive University. When you need information on any given feature, you can read about the feature here in the User Manual, then go to the same section in the Inductive University Library course list to watch the related video.

When there is a corresponding video for a feature description, you will see a video link as follows:


Ignition Video

Third-Party Tutorials

Technical Resources, for some additional information such as links to sites that contain information about standards, SQL tutorials, and more.

These site are not affiliated with Inductive Automation but we feel they offer excellent advice and information.



Support Team

Support homepage, for one-on-one help from our support team, go to the Support homepage and submit a Ticket. One of our Support Engineers will follow up with you quickly.

You can reach us during business hours 8am-5pm PST at 1-800-266-7798. Support charges may apply. 24-hour support is also available, at an additional fee.

E-mail support is available at

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base, search and view all the articles for troubleshooting, known problems, and workarounds.

Community User Forum

Forum, get help from our passionate community of Ignition users.

The User Forum is one of the most effective ways to get help. The forum is always available, and is actively patrolled by Inductive Automation staff and many knowledgeable users. Chances are you will find your question already answered in an existing post, but if not you can be assured that yours will receive a quick reply.


Comments, Feedbacks, or Ideas?

We encourage your feedback on both the Ignition Software and Ignition User Manual.

Feedback on the User Manual

We encourage you to give us feedback on the Ignition wiki User Manual as this will help us improve the documentation over time. Your feedback can be as small as finding typos or requesting new information on some concepts or how to do something. Now writing Comments and giving feedback is easy! Just use the comment box at the bottom of each page. You can use the keyboard shortcut m to jump to the comment box.

Write Comments for the User Community

The comment area at the bottom of each page is mainly for our user community to share and post their questions, answers, tips, and comments related to the information on that specific page. The comments are not monitored by Inductive Automation technical writer or Support team. Therefore, if you have a question that needs an immediate answer, please contact us via the Support homepage.



Give us your ideas on the Ignition Software

How can we improve Ignition? Our goal is to provide you a powerful yet easy-to-use SCADA/HMI software. Let us hear from you on new features and ideas you have so we can continue to improve Ignition.




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  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes you can also get Ignition help by searching google for answers.

  2. Anonymous

    I would suggest adding the links contained in the main body of the new user manual to the header section for quick navigation.  The main ones would be Forum, Inductive University, Knowledge Base, and Support.

    1. I like it! I've altered the menu structure on the left to include more information!

  3. Anonymous

    I would like to know how to create an account. My existing IA account won't log me in for the comments section of this manual.

    1. Unfortunately you cannot currently use existing IA login information or create an account for the user manual. We are working on a solution.

  4. Anonymous

    Is it possible to download this documentation?

    1. Anonymous

      I would like to second this request. It would be great if I could get this as a PDF or downloadable zipped HTML website that I could view offline. Thank you!

      Stu Matthews