The version of this function is deprecated, See the system.device.addDevice for the current implementation.


Adds a new device in Ignition. Use the appropriate parameters below for the device you want to create. Create a device manually in Ignition to see all of the possible parameters.


system.device.addDevice(driver, deviceName, group, browseTimeout, readTimeout, writeTimeout, enabled, hostname, communicationTimeout, browseCacheTimeout, connectionPath, disableProcessorBrowse, slotNumber, concurrentRequests, showStringArrays, port, maxHoldingRegisters, maxInputRegisters, maxCoils, maxDiscreteInputs, reverseWordOrder, zeroBasedAddressing, spanGaps, allowWriteMultipleRegisters, allowWriteMultipleCoils, reconnectAfterTimeouts, reverseStringByteOrder, rightJustifyStrings, pduSize, rackNumber, cpuSlot, ports, inactivityTimeout, messageDelimiterType, messageDelimiter, fieldCount, fieldDelimiter, writebackEnabled, writebackMessageDelimiter, multicast)

  • Parameters

String driver - The device driver, possible values are controllogixmicrologixcompactlogixplc5slcmodbusmodbusrtus71200s7300s7400tcpudpdairysimgenericsimslcsim. If the driver you wish to use is not listed, please see the current implementation of this function.

String deviceName - The name of the device.

Boolean enabled - Default is true.

String hostname

Integer communicationTimeout - Default is the default for the driver.

Integer browseCacheTimeout - Default is 120000.

String connectionPath - Default is "".

Boolean disableProcessorBrowse - Default is false.

Integer slotNumber - Default is 0.

Integer concurrentRequests - Default is 1.

Boolean showStringArrays - Default is false.

Integer port - Default is the default for the driver.

Integer maxHoldingRegisters - Default is 125.

Integer maxInputRegisters - Default is 125.

Integer maxCoils - Default is 2000.

Integer maxDiscreteInputs - Default is 2000.

Boolean reverseWordOrder - Default is false.

Boolean zeroBasedAddressing - Default is true.

Boolean spanGaps - Default is true.

Boolean allowWriteMultipleRegisters - Default is true.

Boolean allowWriteMultipleCoils - Default is true.

Boolean reconnectAfterTimeouts - Default is true.

Boolean reverseStringByteOrder - Default is false.

Boolean rightJustifyStrings - Default is false.

Integer pduSize - Default is 240.

Integer rackNumber - Default is 0.

Integer cpuSlot - Default is 1.

String ports

Integer inactivityTimeout - Default is 0.

String messageDelimiterType - Default is "Packet Based".

String messageDelimiter

Integer fieldCount - Default is 0.

String fieldDelimiter - Default is "".

Boolean writebackEnabled - Default is false.

String writebackMessageDelimiter - Default is "".

Boolean multicast - Default is true.

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Code Examples
Code Snippet
#Example 1: Add ControlLogix
system.device.addDevice(driver="controllogix", deviceName="CLX", hostname="", slotNumber=0)
Code Snippet
#Example 2: Add MicroLogix
system.device.addDevice(driver="micrologix", deviceName="MLX", hostname="")
Code Snippet
#Example 3: Add Modbus
system.device.addDevice(driver="modbus", deviceName="Modbus", hostname="")
Code Snippet
#Example 4: Add Dairy Simulator
system.device.addDevice(driver="dairysim", deviceName="SIM")
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